An ambitious young journalist comes face to face with a mystery she must solve - or else be lost to the hidden evil of a small town


Lacey Shaw is an underpaid, unappreciated, and overlooked journalist. When Crestwater Press's chief editor assigns her a peculiar story, she reluctantly accepts, hoping to finally prove her worth. Little did she know that covering a story on the little town of Raven Hills would uncover a terrible horror.


Raven Hills is used to dealing with bad luck. Some residents die gruesome deaths. Others go missing in the dead of night, never to be heard of again. It seems to be all part of their long, frightful history. One they're not willing to let go of.


Can Lacey prove her journalistic skills while keeping her life? The first in The Otherworld Chronicles, Raven Hills: Unraveling Evil is a unique mystery series that features paranormal elements in an eloquent noir-vibe narrative.


Fans of hardboiled fiction and avid paranormal readers will find the series to be a common playground of thrilling suspense, mystery, and dark urban themes.

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